Juan González, Charo Coll, Antonio Bordils and Denis Monserrand in the 50th anniversary of the European Tugowners Association (ETA)

Charo Coll received the gold medal of the Association as former chairman.

Juan González, President of Boluda Towage and Salvage, Charo Coll, General Manager of Off Shore and Salvage, Antonio Bordils, Managing Director of Boluda Towage and Salvage and Denis Monserrand, General Manager of Boluda Francia, have assisted to the General Assembly of the European Tugowners Association (ETA) preceded by the Executive Committee, took place in the Croatian city of Opatija. This year the meeting had a special meaning as the 50th anniversary of its foundation was celebrated. Continue reading

The tugboat VB Recoleta tows a boat of 225 meters long in Entre Ríos (Argentina)

The boat towed is the Gran Rodosi, similar to Panamax.

The Tugboat VB Recoleta, from the fleet of Boluda Fos Corporación, through its argentine filial Compañia Marítima Austral, S.A, assisted the MV Grand Rodosi, boat similar to Panamax, of 225 meters long and 28 feet of depth of water, with a charge of 40 000 tons of soja destinated to the exportation. The work of the tugboat consisted in assisting the boat for its entrance and way out from Port Diamante, situated in Paraná river, Republic of Argentine. Those port is situated in one tributary of the Paraná river and deserve a manover really careful due to the great currents and distinct movements that exist here.  Continue reading

Vicente Boluda received HRH Prince Felipe

He maintained a work meeting with members of Asociación Valenciana de Empresarios presided by Boluda.


Vicente Boluda received the príncipe Felipe who visited Valencia to be with the Asociación Valenciana de Empresarios, entity that units hundred of the most distinguished business men of the Valencian Community. Continue reading