Boluda Maritime Terminals

Boluda Maritime Terminals Santander is the logistic point for distribution of goods in the north of Spain.

The Port Authority of Santander awarded Boluda Maritime Terminals, on 16th of December of 2020, the administrative concession and the development of this logistic platform. The cantabrian terminal will suppose for Boluda an investment of more than 38 millions of euros in civil works, installations, edifications and acquisition of equipment.


The facilities of Boluda Maritime Terminals Santander will have one berthing line of 569 metres, an area of 67,361 square metres and a depth of 13 metres. It will have 144 connections for refrigerated containers and a maximum capacity of 112,058 TEUs/year.

Surface 67,361 m2
Maximum capacity 112,058 TEUs/year
Mooring lines 1  
Lineal meters 569 m
Depth 13 m
Refrigeration connections 144