Terms of Use

General Terms and Conditions of the Website Use Policy

Terms and conditions specified below shall govern the access and use of the website www.boluda.com.es (hereinafter, the site or the website), operated by and used for the provision of informational services by the company  BOLUDA CORPORACIÓN MARÍTIMA, S.L. (hereinafter BOLUDA), with Tax ID number B 83894444 and registered address at Capitán Haya 21, 28020 Madrid.

The term “the site or the website” includes but it is not limited to: data, text, graphics, images, animations, musical compositions, videos, sounds, drawings, photographs and other such items included therein, and in general, all compositions expressed by virtue of any medium, tangible or intangible, regardless of being subject to intellectual property regulations in accordance with the Consolidated Intellectual Property Act.

Access to the site implies that a visiting user acquires certain rights and obligations for the purposes of ensuring adequate enjoyment  of services and content contained therein, which are provided by  BOLUDA to the users at no charge.

A visiting user acknowledges that the access and use of services and content provided on the website is made under his or her sole and exclusive responsibility.

User’s status is acquired by virtue of accessing the website. A user shall use the provided services and content exclusively for private purposes and/or due to the legal relationship with BOLUDA,  excluding any type of subsequent use with profit-seeking  purposes or reporting any gain, directly or indirectly.

BOLUDA hereby informs the users about the following general terms and conditions of use, which are expressly and fully accepted by the users by virtue of accessing the website and/or viewing the content or using the services made available on the website. If these general terms and conditions are fully or partially substituted, it shall be understood that new general terms and conditions are equally accepted in accordance with the aforementioned manner. Nevertheless, a website’s user should periodically review these general terms and conditions of use in order to become familiar with subsequent versions thereof that may be made available, although it is recommended that a user views them each time he/she intents to access or use the services and the contents of this website.

If a user does not accept these general conditions or the specific conditions that govern the use of specific services and/or content  provided to the users of the website and determined by such entity, the user must refrain from entering this website.

A user must establish adequate security measures of technical nature in order to prevent any undesirable actions concerning his or her computer system, files and equipment used for accessing the Internet and in particular, this website, while being aware that the Internet may not be completely safe.

Website purpose

By accessing the website, a user will be able to enjoy various content and services provided by BOLUDA or, as the case may be, by third-party providers on the conditions specified in this regard.

In general, services and content offered through the website will be made available in the Spanish language, notwithstanding an option – offered atBOLUDA‘s discretion – to offer them in other languages spoken in the European Union.

BOLUDA may unilaterally and without any advance notice, modify the provision, configuration, content and services provided on the website, as well as terms and conditions of use and access to the provided services, notwithstanding the stipulations of specific conditions that will apply to the use of certain services and/or content.

Expenses related to access via telephone lines and other types of expenses related website connection shall be entirely assumed by the user.

Confidentiality in the automated processing of user’s personal data

BOLUDA guarantees the confidentiality of personal data provided by users and data processing in accordance with the effective legislation on personal data protection: Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, the Personal Data Protection Act (hereinafter, LOPD) and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21 which approved the implementation Regulations of LOPD (hereinafter, RDLOPD).  Personal data gathered through the website shall be added to one or several processes or files under the responsibility of BOLUDA. For these purposes, prior to disclosure of personal data BOLUDA shall provide the users with the information on content processing in accordance with Article 5 of LOPD, notwithstanding user’s possibility to access the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy. The aforementioned information shall allow the user to grant his or her informed, specific and unequivocal consent  so that  BOLUDA could proceed with processing of his or her personal data.

User’s rights and obligations

The user may:

  • Access, free of charge and without a need for any prior consent, the content and services available on the website, notwithstanding technical or specific conditions or a requirement for a prior registration in regard to specific services and content as determined in these general conditions or in the specific conditions for these services.
  • Use the available services and content for strictly private purposes, notwithstanding the stipulations contained in the specific conditions that will apply to the use of certain services and/or content provided for BOLUDA‘s clients.
  • The user may download one sole copy of the website for the purposes of “off-line” viewing for private and non-lucrative purposes.
  • Engage in correct and lawful use of the website, in accordance with the effective legislation, moral standards, good business practices and public order.

Under no circumstances may the user:

  • Access or use of the services and content available on the website for the purposes of carrying out unlawful acts or acts that are contrary to the effective legislation, moral standards, good business practices and public order, or carried out with the purposes that harm the rights and freedom of third parties, or that may damage, hurt in any other manner the access to such, in detriment to BOLUDA or third parties.
  • Use the services, entirely or partially, for the purposes of promoting, selling, contracting, disclosing of advertisement or personal or third-party information without a prior written consent provided by BOLUDA.
  • Insert the information onto the website or employ the existing services with the aim of attacking – directly or indirectly – the rights, and especially fundamental rights and public freedom  of other website users or BOLUDA; which engage or promote undertaking of offensive, xenophobic, terroristic or degrading acts on the grounds of age, sex, religion or beliefs; of pornographic, obscene, violent nature which go against the law, moral standards or good business practices. For these purposes, information will be understood as inclusive of but limited to the following: text, graphics, images, videos, sounds, drawings, photographs, data, notes and other.
  • Include hyperlinks to this website on private or business web pages, which are not only and exclusively limited to the homepage access.
  • Use services and content offered through the website in the manner that is contrary to the general terms and conditions of use and/or specific terms and conditions of use that govern the use of certain services and/or content, in detriment or prejudice to the rights of other users.
  • Undertake any actions that may impede or obstruct the access to the website to other users, as well as the hyperlinks to services and content offered by BOLUDAor third parties through this website.
  • Employ any type of computer virus, code, software, computer program, computer or telecommunications equipment that may produce damages or unauthorized changes to the content, programs or systems available through the services or content provided on the website, or to the computer systems, files and computer equipment of its users; or the unauthorized access to any content and/or services provided on the website.
  • Eliminate or modify in any way the protection or identification devices that may be placed by BOLUDA or any of its legitimate owners on the website, or the symbols which BOLUDA or its third-party legitimate rights owners may incorporate onto their products for the purposes of protecting the existing intellectual or industrial property rights of this website.
  • Include, on the website under his or her control or ownership, the “metatags” corresponding to brand names, trade names or distinctive signs owned by BOLUDA.
  • Entirely or partially reproduce the website www.boluda.com.es as another website; introduce framing to the website www.boluda.com.es or other websites accessible from the latter which covers or modifies – items that include but are not limited to – content, advertisement space and trademarks pertaining toBOLUDA or any third parties, regardless whether such may be understood as acts of unfair competition or consusion. 
  • Create frames on the website under his or her control or ownership that resemble the home page and/or pages accessible through the home page that pertain to this website without obtaining a prior authorization from  BOLUDA.
  • Include, on the website under his or her control or ownership,a hyperlink that generates a window or a session opened by user’s web browser that includes trademarks, business names or distinctive signs, which lead to the homepage of the website www.boluda.com.es or any of the pages accessible through the latter.
  • Use the trademark, business names, as well as any other identification signs that are subject to industrial or intellectual property rights without a prior authorization that is expressly provided in writing by the owner.
  • Carry out any actions that involve reproduction, distribution, copying, renting, public communication,transformation of any other similar actions that lead to modifications or changes, entire or partial, of the content or services provided on the website,or the financial operations thereof, without a prior written authorization provided by BOLUDA or any third-party owner of intellectual or industrial property rights that apply to the services or content of the website, unless stipulated otherwise in general terms and conditions of use, or as the case may be, specific terms and conditions that govern the use of existing services and/or content of the website.

Rights and obligations of BOLUDA

BOLUDA reserves the following rights:

  • Modify website access terms and conditions, that may be technical or otherwise, in a unilateral manner and without issuing a prior notification to the users, notwithstanding the stipulations of specific conditions that govern the use of certain services and/or content aimed for the users of this website.
  • Set forth specific terms and conditions and, as the case may be, establish the price and other requirements for the access to selected services and/or content.
  • Limit