About Us

Boluda Corporación Marítima was founded in 1837, with the establishment of la Naviera Fos.

In 1920, Vicente Boluda Marí founded the tugboat company Vicente Boluda in the port of Valencia, that took over other Spanish ports under the control of his son, Vicente Boluda Crespo. In 1982, Vicente Boluda Fos took over the company, with the firm intent of the internationalization and diversification of the enterprise’s activities. Thus, he converted it into Boluda Corporación Marítima, a leading company in maritime services with a presence throughout Europe, the African Westcoast, Cape Verde, Latin America and the Indian Ocean.

The company is split into three divisions: Boluda Towage (for towing services), Boluda Lines (for maritime and ground transport, and the harbour logistics) and Boluda Tankers (for the supply and support of combustible materials).


Respond and attend to the needs of the maritime transport and the harbour logistics that the society demands, in an efficient, responsible, professional and at all times respectful way towards people and environment.


A reference company, as chosen by our clients due to our experience in service, the human and professional qualities of our employees, and our contribution to community.


  • Profesionality
  • Honesty

  • Flexibility

  • Innovation

  • Transparency

  • Teamwork

  • Efficiency in operations

  • Orientation towards clients

  • Excellence in service

  • Respect and courtesy

Promises to society

The Corporate Social Responsibility is the commitment that the members of an entity display towards themselves as well as towards the society.

Social Responsibility