Miller y Cía.

More than an agent, your partner in port

Established in 1854 as a maritime shipping agency  in the port of Las Palmas, where its headquarters are currently located, Miller y Cía. has its origins in a small community of British merchants residing in the city during the mid-19th century.

The supply of coal in the port of Las Palmas to steamships on their routes to South America, the United States and the African continent grew into to a flourishing maritime business with the addition of other British companies. Over the next decades, several of these companies merged together to become the company structure that was acquired in 1994 by Boluda Corporación Marítima, whose services now cover practically the entire maritime industry.

Miller y Cía. provides excellent international shipping agent services for ships and freight with correspondents of proven quality. It has 17 offices in Spain, four in Cape Verde, two in Mauritania and three in Portugal. The company’s maritime experience is its guarantee of excellence in service and commitment to permanent improvement.

“More than 150 years’ experience”

Thomas Miller (Scotland, 1805-1885) arrived in Las Palmas in 1824 and in 1854 created Miller & CO., later to become Miller y Cía., one of the pivotal companies in the Canary Islands maritime sector, and a key player in Las Palmas’ development into a major port in the flow of transatlantic commercial business.
Thomas Miller was a tireless defender of the island economy and boosted investment in the archipelago

Customized solutions

As a shipping agency, Miller y Cía. is specialized in all types of traffic such as container ships, RORO, cruise ships, oil tankers, ore carriers, dry cargo, tugboats, gas tankers, oil and gas carriers. Clients can benefit from the advantages of a holding company capable of providing any stopover services required by vessels at competitive prices:

  • Shipping agent

  • Husbandry services

  • Bunkering

  • Load/unload

  • Repairs

  • Project Cargo