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Boluda Maritime Terminals Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Boluda Maritime Terminal Las Palmas is one of the main South-Atlantic logistics platforms, located in the Muelle de La Luz, in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This modern terminal, from which the company has been operating for more than 30 years, is the neuralgic point of distribution of goods between the Iberian Peninsula, the Canary Islands and the western coast of Africa, Cape Verde, Northern Europe and Italy.


The facilities of Boluda Maritime Terminal Las Palmas have three berthing lines of 1,171 meters, an area of 161,466 square meters and a depth of between 9.50 and 15.50 meters. It provides 500 connections for refrigerated containers and moves 370,000 Teu’s / year.

Surface 161.466 m2
Movements 370.000 TEUs/year
Berthing lines 3
Linear meters 1.171 m
Depth 15,5 m
Covered warehouse 4.000 m2
Chiller connections 500
Offices 5.310 m2
Service areas 155 m2
Containment area 135 m2
Oil inspection zone 48


Quantity Machinery Tons
4 Portainers Post-Panamax 40 Tns.
3 Portainers Panamax 40 Tns.
5 Transtainer Konecrane Cranes 40 Tns.
1 Transtainers Sisu 40 Tns.
6 Reach Machines – Stackers Kalmar Sisu 42 Tns.
1 Front machine for vacuum 15 Tns.
18 Tractor trucks 45 Tns.
12 Corner-less Platforms 55 Tns.
5 Forklift Trucks 2 Tns.
6 Forklift  5 Tns.
1 Forklift Trucks 12 Tns.
1 Forklift Trucks 8 Tns.
3 HYSTER Forklift 2,5 -> 3 Tns.
1 Gas tank 1.000 Litros
1 Gas tank 2.000 Litros

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