The Guadalquivir Maritime Terminal and MSC agree to a new rail service in the Port of Seville

The Seville Port Authority provides collaboration for coordinating the rail infrastructure within the port

The Guadalquivir Maritime Terminal which is comprised of Boluda Lines and McAndrews has the consession for the Port of Seville Terminal for the next 29 years

The Guadaquivir Maritime Terminal (TMG) has reached an agreement with maritime company Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) to manage the operational handling of the railway of this Swiss Multinational Company by means of a new rail service in the Port of Seville. The press will be informed today, April 4th by Manuel Gracia, President of the Seville Port Authority, Ignacio Ballester, Manager of MSC Spain Central Office and Francisco Montes Manager of Boluda Maritime Terminals. Continue reading

Boluda Corporación Marítima closes major trade deals at Intermodal South America international exhibition after significant number of visits to the stand

The company’s subsidiary Naviera del Mercosur announced the forthcoming addition of a new container ship, the “VICKY B”, to meet increased demand for river transport in the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway

Boluda Maritime Terminals presented two new stowage areas in the ports of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Santa Cruz de La Palma to cover the needs of future freight traffic with America

The holding company was in Sao Paulo, Brazil to showcase its expansion plan and extensive range of multimodal transport, towage and fuel supply services

Boluda Corporación Marítima received a record number of visitors during the company’s fifth attendance with its own stand at the Intermodal South America international exhibition held in Sao Paulo, Brazil from 13 to 15 April, resulting in major trade deals. Thanks to its international expansion plan, during the exhibition the company once again increased its range of multimodal services in integrated transport, international goods management and towage on both sides of the Atlantic. Continue reading

20% of female employees at Boluda Corporación Marítima occupy managerial positions, higher than sector average

Boluda Cargo Int’l manager Eva García Bosch took part in a panel discussion organized by the Adecco Foundation in Valencia

Manager of Boluda Cargo Int’l Eva García Bosch stressed that in Boluda Corporación Marítima “20% of female employees occupy managerial positions, above the average trend in a sector where senior management positions are traditionally occupied by men”. Continue reading