Boluda Shipping

Other Activities

Logistic Storage

Our company Miller Logística offers freight storage, localization, handling and distribution solutions in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.




Location Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Size 4,000 m2 + 1,000m2 maneuvering esplanade
Load levels 6
Module number 357
Load per module 3,000 kg
Pallet capacity 5,728
Loading docks 7 + 1 fixed ramp


Container Repair

Through the Boluda Container Factory, the subsidiary of Boluda Shipping is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the different container models used by the shipping company for the maritime transport of goods.

Road Transport

Through Boluda Truck, we provide a road transport service throughout the peninsula and the Canary Islands, which extends Boluda’s quality and efficiency standards to the logistics sector. The company is specialized in road transport of conventional and refrigerated goods, containers of any size and special cargo. And through Boluda Rails we offer rail freight services with national scope in all ports and dry ports (such as Madrid and Zaragoza) where Boluda Shipping operates.

Naviera del Mercosur 

Naviera del Mercosur, founded in 1994 to respond to the significant increase in cargo originating in or destined for the Republic of Paraguay through the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway.  Visitar web »