Terminales Marítimas

We are active in port logistics and the management of various maritime terminals along the entire Spanish coast and in West Africa, where we provide service to the world’s leading ship operators and all classes of vessels used for the transport of heterogeneous loads.

Our terminals are operated in accordance with the highest quality standards and are equipped with the most advanced cargo handling and safety facilities in order to provide fully-guaranteed stevedoring, storage and handling services for containers and any type of goods and project cargo.

Specialists in transporting perishable products, our terminals have refrigerant connections, controlled at all times by highly-qualified personnel, that enable the correct temperature to be maintained for both fresh and frozen goods.

Boluda Maritime Terminal Las Palmas, one of the southern Atlantic’s main logistic platforms, is located in the La Luz docks in the port of Las Palmas. This modern terminal has been operating for over 23 years and is equipped with first class facilities. Boluda Maritime Terminal Las Palmas carries out a wide range of activities related to container traffic, general cargo and stowage of special pieces from the industrial and energy sectors. It is the Corporation’s main logistics point for the distribution of goods between the Spanish mainland, the Canary Islands and the western coast of Africa .

Boluda Maritime Terminal Las Palmas’s installations include 1,200 m of berthing and more than 170,000 m2 surface area and 23,000 TEUs. To facilitate its stowage operations, it is equipped with seven portainer cranes, including several latest-generation Post-Panamax cranes. Together with its modern operations yard and latest-generation software, these facilities enable Boluda Maritime Terminal Las Palmas to undertake any type of stowage activity in real-time. Its operations are carried out with a high degree of automation: with an average of 26-30 movements per hour, this is a highly-dynamic terminal and a leader in the sector.

Surface 170.000 m2
Movements 370.000 TEUs/year
Docking lines 3
Linear meters 1.215 m
Draft 15,5 m
Covered storage
Refrigerated connections 500
Offices 1.250 m2

Terminal Marítima del Guadalquivir located in Seville, 52 nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean, is the only navigable river port in the Spanish port system.

It is well connected to a dynamic hinterland through its high degree of inter-modality, excellent accessibility, inland rail infrastructure and specific areas dedicated to the transhipment of goods between modes .

It is currently equipped with 2 container cranes with a rated capacity of 45 Tons below spreader and a performance of 30 containers/hour.

Surface 25.770 m2
Movements 30.000 TEUs/year
Docking lines 1
Linear meters 340 m
Draft 7 m
Covered storage
Refrigerated connections 24
Offices 90 m2
Machinery repair installations 392 m2
UNC repair area 575 m2
Ro-Ro Ramp (length) 39 m
Ro-Ro Ramp (beam) 37 m
Rolling cargo parking 15.000 m2

The Fuerteventura container terminal is located in Puerto del Rosario and is Boluda Corporación Marítima’s second logistics platform in the Canary Islands. It indirectly manages the island’s public stowage services and is used for storing and handling containers and general cargo.

Given its proximity to Africa, it holds an enviable position as the second goods stowage services platform for this continent.

The Fuerteventura Maritime Terminal’s facilities include 50m of public mooring and more than 11,000 m2 of surface area. A Panamax crane, two latest-generation reachstackers and several lifts provide it with the capacity to undertake a variety of stowage operations.

Surface 11.775 m2
Movements 8.000 TEUs/year
Docking lines 1
Linear meters 160 m
Draft 12 m
Covered storage
Refrigerated connections 12
Offices 16 m2

The Villagarcía Terminal is located at the extreme of the Arousa Ria coastal inlet on the Atlantic coast of Galicia. It is a strategic base for Boluda and its traffic with Bilbao, Lisbon and the Canary Islands. In the near future it is scheduled to be equipped with 4 portainers cranes, 42,000 square meters and 2 docking lines totalling 620 meters, with a draft of 13 meters and a ramp for ro-ro ships.

Surface 27.447 m2
Movements 35.000 TEUs/year
Docking lines 1
Linear meters 240 m
Draft 13 m
Covered storage 145 m2
Refrigerated connections 90
Offices 209 m2


Town Address
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria See map Av. de los Cambulloneros, s/n - Muelle Virgen del Pino - Pto. de la Luz · 35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria(España) · Tel.: 928 300 565
E-mail: terminalesmaritimas.laspalmas@boluda.com.es
Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura) See map Muelle Comercial Puerto del Rosario, Area 1 parcela C3 · 35600 Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura) - Las Palmas(España) · Tel.: 928 533 477 · Fax: 928 533 477
Santa Cruz de la Palma See map Av. los Indianos, 14, 1B · 38700 Santa Cruz de la Palma - Santa Cruz de Tenerife(España)
Santa Cruz de Tenerife See map Carretera San Andrés, 1, Muelle del Bufadero · 38180 Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Santa Cruz de Tenerife(España) · Tel.: 922 84 24 00 · Fax: 922 59 76 66
Sevilla See map Carretera de la Esclusa, Puerto Oeste, Muelle del Batán, s/n. · 41012 Sevilla - Sevilla (España) · Tel.: 954 990 224
E-mail: terminal.sevilla@tmguadalquivir.com
Villagarcía de Arosa See map Muelle del Ferrazo, s/n · 36600 Villagarcía de Arosa - Pontevedra(España) · Tel.: 986 56 68 50 · Fax: 986 51 10 59

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