The General manager of Offshore, and Salvage and Towage manager of  Boluda Corporación Marítima, Charo Coll, has been part of the jury of the Awards of the Association of the business and professional women evap/BPW 2013


The evap/BPW is a world association composed by business and professional women, composed to be a lobby of feminine pressure, with the purpose to make visible the woman inside the business world, to participate in the fields of decision, to defend their rights and to show the society the existing inequalities.


The awarded of the 2013 edition have been the scientist Ana Lluch, Manager of the Hematology and Oncology Medicine of the  Medical University Clinico hospital, who received the award of professionalism ; the award for integrity has been for Anna Ferrer, widow of Vicente Ferrer and president and executive manager of the Foundation of the same name, for being one of the pillar of the prestigious foundation Vicente Ferrer; and the award to diversity has gone to Ana Mª Llopis, president of Supermarkets Dia, creator of the Social network Ideas4all and founder  of Openbank-Grupo Santander.


The jury was composed by a group of independent professionals made by Mar Raventós, president of Cordoniu; José Vicente González, president of Cierval; Elvira Graullera, delegate in the C.V of Europa Press; Ángela Pérez, manager of the Institute of Genomic Medicine, Carmen Serrano, member of the Administration committee of Carnicas Serrano and Charo Coll.



Coll, counts with an excellent professional projection, beside the general management of Offshore, Salvage and Towage of Boluda Corporación Marítima, she has been president of ETA, European Tugowners Association, as well as member of the executive committee of International Salvage Union.

Charo Coll jurado