He maintained a work meeting with members of Asociación Valenciana de Empresarios presided by Boluda.


Vicente Boluda received the príncipe Felipe who visited Valencia to be with the Asociación Valenciana de Empresarios, entity that units hundred of the most distinguished business men of the Valencian Community.

During the meeting, that lasted more than one hour, Vicente Boluda translated to the Prince the values of the valencian society and the commitment of the business men, and particularly from the members of AVE, to contribute to an exit of the crisis. He manifested that “we valencians are workers, honest, valiant and really solitarian, and the actuations of a little can neither cast a shadow nor dirt the trajectory of all people”.

Prince Felipe admitted that it makes time he didn’t come to Valencia  and did not maintained a meeting of these features. Along the encounter he deal with the business men of AVE matters like the internationalization, tourism and Mediterranean corridor. He focused the “verve and vitality of the Valencia Community” he defined as an example of initiative and work in support of excellence”. The heir of the Crown offered a general vision of the actual situation and put himself at the disposal of the presents asking them some questions to complete the information received.

Following Felipe de Borbon presided a lunch with the jury of the awards Rey Jaime I, dependents of the Foundation Valenciana de Estudios Avanzados, presided by Vicente Boluda.

Those awards celebrate the 25 anniversary of their creation and are an international reference in their six categories. The awarded have been :

Manel Esteller Badosa in Basic Investigation; Francisco Javier Vives Torrents in Economy; Miguel Izquierdo in Medical Investigation; Xavier Querol Carceller in Environmental Protection; Antonio González Colás in New Technologies and the creator of the yogurt ice cream shops Llaollao, Pedro Espinosa Martínez to the enterprising.

Príncipe Felipe - Vicente Boluda