They transport for free an ambulance from Seville to Dakar.


The ship-owners Boluda Lines, inside its programme of Social Cooperative Responsibility “Humanitarian Transport” and OPDR, have translated for free an ambulance from Seville to Dakar, with destination to the Senegalese orphanage La Pouponnière of Dakar.

La Pouponnière welcomes children from 0 to 3 years old who have been abandoned, either due to the death of the mother or because the family can’t take care of them. Founded in 1955 by Sor Justina de Miguel, religious from Aragon with more than 40 years of selfless service in Africa, who gives an humanitarian mission of unrivalled value, completing the work the hospital services that are not capable to accomplish. Actually she welcomes more than 80 children. The commercial delegate of Boluda Lines in Dakar, Javier Sesma, collaborates regularly with this institution, being besides member of the committee of the ONG Nuevo Futuro.

Boluda Lines and OPDR maintain for years an agreement of collaboration, for the exploitation of the maritime line that connect Seville with the Canary Island weekly, offering containerized charge, dry as well as frozen, road and project cargo. Also Boluda Lines and OPDR support others cooperations in the Mediterranean, North of Europe and Occidental Africa.

Ambulancia Dakar