Vicente Boluda has participated yesterday to a lunch-talk organized by the Federation of business men of the region of Arousa (FECA), that maintains regularly meetings with personalities from the economy o the politics who maintain some link with this region of Galicia.

In its intervention Boluda enhanced the  “tremendous possibilities of the Port of Vilagarcia de Arousa when the infrastructures missed will be completed”. Concretely, he refers to the improvements pending in the north terminals and to the connection of the wharf of Ferrazo with the train. Also he focused that “the Spanish port system is badly conceived, with a centralized management that allow ports every 60 or 70 kilometers”.

In his behalf, José Luis Vilanova, President of FECA, enhanced the solvency of Vicente Boluda and underline that ”thanks to the valencian ship-owner, the terminal of containers of Villagarcia have been able to have continuity”.

To the lunch assisted, between others, the President of the Port Authority of Vilagarcia, Sagrario Franco, the business men Andrés Quintá, owner of Extrugasa, and Jesús Alonso, from Jealsa, besides the main consignees that operates in Vilagarcia, the president of the Trade Chamber, and the mayors of the city of Arousa and of Monforte de Lemos, who wants to promote its logistic terminal through the traffic coming from Vilagarcia

Presidente de FECA