Boluda Lines represents ANAVE in the national meeting of Project Cargo.

Fernando Caracciolo, Manager of International lines, explained the logistique answer in the área of exportation of goods of Equip.

Boluda Lines, the division of integral transport of merchandises of Boluda Corporacion Maritima, under the persona of its manager of international lines, Fernando Caracciolo, has been in charge  to represente ANAVE ( association of Spanish shipowners), in the Ist national meeting of project cargo celebrated recently in Gijon. Continue reading

Remolcadores de Boluda assist the “MSC New York”, the biggest vessel to have stopped over in the port of Valencia

Valencia – The Tugboats VB Furia, VB Conqueridor and VB Poder, assisted yesterday the “MSC New York”, who becomes the biggest vessel to have operated in Valencia.

The MSC New York od 399 meters long, 54 large and a capacity of 16.864 Teus, arrived to a draft of 15,5 m as it entered in the port nearly at the maximum of its capacity. Continue reading

Boluda Corporación Marítima speaker in the Corporative Voluntary work day of Adecco

Valencia – Boluda Corporación Marítima, inside its programme of Social corporative responsability, has participated in the Voluntary corporative work day organised by the foundation Adecco directed to the employees with problems of work incorporation and situation of longtime unemployement.

The development of the work day consisted in the realization of practical workshops oriented to the search of a job and how to face the process of selection. Continue reading