Valencia – The Tugboats VB Furia, VB Conqueridor and VB Poder, assisted yesterday the “MSC New York”, who becomes the biggest vessel to have operated in Valencia.

The MSC New York od 399 meters long, 54 large and a capacity of 16.864 Teus, arrived to a draft of 15,5 m as it entered in the port nearly at the maximum of its capacity. The Eleonar Maerks who arrived to the inner harbour of Valencia last June, has been surpassed for a little in dimensions as its length is a meter less.

The manovers with boats of these enormous dimensions and drafts depend in a great way in the skills of the way of towage, that have a definitive intervention, as they must calculated exactly the trajectory of entrance of the container vessel, due to its big draft, and take it to its point of berth, moving the enormous boat in reduced dimensions.

The MSC New York has operated in MSC Terminal and it is doing its inaugural trip after leaving the shipyards.

Asistencia MSC New York