Fernando Caracciolo, Manager of International lines, explained the logistique answer in the área of exportation of goods of Equip.

Boluda Lines, the division of integral transport of merchandises of Boluda Corporacion Maritima, under the persona of its manager of international lines, Fernando Caracciolo, has been in charge  to represente ANAVE ( association of Spanish shipowners), in the Ist national meeting of project cargo celebrated recently in Gijon.

With a value of 48,510 millions of euros, the industrie of Goods of Equip has represented in 2013 more than 20% of the total of the Spanish exportations, that shows the relevance who for the economic competitivity has a suitable logistique management.

Boluda Lines expert in Project Cargo and has several boats suitables por special charges. Caracciolo explained the logistic treatment needed by this kind of merchandise and the procedure followed by the operative in those boats multipurpose. He emphasized the special treatment maritime-portuary necessary and the developpement of the actions in origine and destination, that Boluda can manage directly in its 4 terminales.

Boluda Lines is one of the few shipping companies of regular charges that has boats with own means suitables for the loading of Project cargo, activity it has been developping for ages, that has converted it in a great specialise in its treatment due to the fact it has a great complexity logistique and multimodal.

Project Cargo Gijón