It was found drifting in the Atlantic Ocean under rough sea conditions

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – The Tugboat VB Artico from the Offshore fleet of Boluda Towage and Salvage, made a rescue operation to the boat “Pirgos”, who found itself drifting at some 1200 miles from Las Palmas with a breakdown in the main engines.

The Tugboat VB Artico answered the call of the boat “Pirgos” of 137 long and 6789 G coming at its rescue, having to support during the traject of the towage a really bad weather with winds of 120km/h and a woodland sea.

The VB Artico has a power of 10064 HP and a pull at fixed point of 107 tons, is specialized in these kind of manoeuvres and has participated in many rescues, normally in really unfavourable conditions.

The Pirgos as well as the VB Artico found themselves berth without suffuring any personal and material damages in the port of Las Palmas.

VB Artico rescata Pirgos