Charo Coll in the 49º anual meeting of the European Tugowners Association

The answer of the tug industry in front of the new challenges in the environmental policy in the European commission, politic of ports and ways to be implemented in front of the climate changing in the industry of the port tug.

Charo Coll, board of Boluda Towage and Salvage, division of tug port and ocean going of Boluda Corporación Marítima, took part in the annual meeting  of the European Tugowners Association (ETA), celebrated the  13th, 14th y 15th of june in  Turku, Finland. Continue reading

Boluda Ships Agency & Forwarding IATA agent in Barcelona y Valencia

Up to now it was acting as IATA only for Madrid.

Boluda Ships Agency & Forwarding, division of  Boluda Corporación Marítima dedicated to give services of consignation, forwarder, maritime agency, customs services, logistics, distribution and storage, keep growing faithful to its deal for the international commercialization and, through its transitory Boluda Cargo, accredit its authorization to operate as IATA agents in Barcelona and Valencia. This activity was already done in Madrid. Continue reading

Juan González, President of Boluda Towage and Salvage, in the National Congress of Pilots of the Bay of Algeciras.

“The Port Tug” has been the matter chosen by Juan González, President of Boluda Towage and Salvage, for his conference given inside the framework of the National Congress of Pilots celebrated in Algeciras. His long experience and his deep knowledge of the area accredit him as one of the professionals with biggest solvency in the complex field of the tug port, offshore and maritime salvage. Continue reading

The tugboat Malika, from the fleet of Union Remorqueurs from Dakar -Boluda Senegal- gives assistance to the ship Rosalina II in Senegalese waters.

The quick intervention of the tugboat avoids the sinking of the ship damaged and also an ecologic disaster.

The tugboat Malika, from the fleet of Boluda Senegal, assist last 14th the ship Rosalina II, of 58,7 meters long when it was plunging to the beaches of Guediawaye, with a break in its engines, without combustible and charged with 11 vehicles on board. Continue reading

Vicente Boluda chaired the annual dinner of the Asociación Naviera Valenciana (ANV)

The act has called a meeting of the biggest part of the associated and representents of the economy and politic of Valencia.

Chaired by Vicente Boluda, the  Asociación Naviera Valenciana has celebrated last Friday its annual dinner, in which it has been commemorated the 110 birthday of its creation. The associated and invited could enjoy of a cocktail, before the dinner, served near the sea, has gained encounters between colleagues and representatives of all the parts of the maritime sector. Continue reading

The tug Gorgos in the rescue of a Ferry ran aground in the islet of Sa Torreta (Formentera).

The rescue was carried about rising the boat ran aground with a crane of big dimensions.


The tug Gorgos, from the fleet of Boluda Towage and Salvage, has participate in the rescue of the Ferry MaverickDos, of the company Balearia, ran aground in the islet of Sa Torreta (Formentera), with  27 persons on board without suffering any kind of injury. Continue reading

The terminal La Luz with the World Program of Foods from United Nations

The port of Las Palmas will be the logistic warehouse of 50 000 tons of grains.

The terminal La Luz, division in charge of the administration of the maritime terminals of Boluda Corporación Marítima, collaborates with The World program of Foods (WFP), organism depending of the United Nations, who has designate the Port of Las Palmas as stationary base, that will store 50.000 tons of grain for its urgent sending regarding any kind of disaster in Africa. Continue reading