The act has called a meeting of the biggest part of the associated and representents of the economy and politic of Valencia.

Chaired by Vicente Boluda, the  Asociación Naviera Valenciana has celebrated last Friday its annual dinner, in which it has been commemorated the 110 birthday of its creation. The associated and invited could enjoy of a cocktail, before the dinner, served near the sea, has gained encounters between colleagues and representatives of all the parts of the maritime sector.

The ceremony became the meeting of reference in the sector, could count also with the biggest part of the board of directors of the Asociación Valenciana de Empresarios also presided by Vicente Boluda and representatives of the biggest business associations like Salvador Navarro, president of CEV

Boluda welcome the assistants and encourage the businessmen “to be conscious of their responsibility and to leader action that will help a gradual exit of the crisis”. He insisted in that “the image of our country and our community is in our hands” and “that we can change the way of the things, lead the creation of job and between all assure the return of the increase, building a better society.

Rafael Aznar, president of the Port Authority of Valencia, used his participation to assert “From Peace and social stability we need to point to the compromise for the growing and the action of the Port Authority to maintain the impulse. The businessmen more than never need guaranties, stability and margins to continue to attract activity to our port”.

The turn of interventions was closed by the councilor of Infrastructure, Territory and Environment, Isabel Bonig who emphasize that “ The Valencian community must profit its geostrategic position to become the south door of Europe.


Comida anual ANV