Up to now it was acting as IATA only for Madrid.

Boluda Ships Agency & Forwarding, division of  Boluda Corporación Marítima dedicated to give services of consignation, forwarder, maritime agency, customs services, logistics, distribution and storage, keep growing faithful to its deal for the international commercialization and, through its transitory Boluda Cargo, accredit its authorization to operate as IATA agents in Barcelona and Valencia. This activity was already done in Madrid.

The obtaining of these licenses represent the success of a complete and long work and will mean the opening of new markets, revaluating and putting in value the commercial work, then negotiate directly with Air companies will allow to give a service of high quality to national customers as well as to agents.

“These extension will suppose an increase of volumes and a bigger competitiveness of ours services and tariffs, and we hope that it will result in better results for our company. “Assert FernandoGiménez-Guervós, manager of the division.

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