The quick intervention of the tugboat avoids the sinking of the ship damaged and also an ecologic disaster.

The tugboat Malika, from the fleet of Boluda Senegal, assist last 14th the ship Rosalina II, of 58,7 meters long when it was plunging to the beaches of Guediawaye, with a break in its engines, without combustible and charged with 11 vehicles on board.

The Rosalina II sent a signal of S.O.S detected by the National Senegalese Marine that got in touch rapidly with URD –Boluda Senegal-, in order to send a tugboat to the area of the sinister.

The Malika rescued and tug the ship to the port of Dakar, and avoid a real ecologic disaster that could have been produced without its quick intervention.

 Boluda Senegal has a fleet of seven tugboats of big power and easy way of acting that operate in the Autonomous Port of Dakar.


Remolcador Malika