Yesterday took place the closing ceremony of the 32nd edition of the Master in Port Management and Intermodal Transport. A ceremony presided over by Enrique Belda, general director of the APV, Antonio Torregrosa, general director of the Valenciaport Foundation the Valenciaport Foundation, Vicent Esteban Chapapría, Professor of Ports and Coasts at the UPV and Academic and Coasts of the UPV and academic director of the Master and Ana Rumbeu, director of Training of the Valenciaport Foundation.

The session concluded with the keynote speech given by Vicente Boluda Fos under the title “The Spanish maritime transport the title “Spanish maritime transport, engine of the blue economy”, in which he highlighted the great relevance of this key economic sector, a creator of value, engine of growth and which paves the way for a greater demand for national products and services

During his speech, he encouraged the students to continue their training day by day, as this graduation is one more step in the ever-ascending ever-ascending graph of a continuous and constant process of professional development.

“The ports, and therefore the professionals who work in them, are increasingly facing are facing more and more challenges that make it necessary to have an increasingly demanding specialisation”.

During the ceremony, the president of Boluda Corporacion Marítima received an acknowledgement for his outstanding professional career given by the general manager of APV.