The delivery was coordinated via Aportem-Puerto Solidario Valencia, co-founded by the maritime holding company

Valencian logistics companies continue to prioritize local collaboration

Boluda Corporación Marítima has donated twenty-five 17 and 19-inch flat computer screens to the Fundación Iniciativa Ángel Tomás (FISAT), to be used for different social projects.

Delivery of the technological equipment on Tuesday 12 November was coordinated with Aportem-Puerto Solidario Valencia, of which Boluda is a founding partner, which comprises associations, institutions, companies and individuals with links to the Valencian port logistics sector, and promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in this sphere of influence. Actions are focuses mainly on Valencia port and surroundings, with special attention to minors at risk of social exclusion.

The 25 screens will be distributed according to individual needs among the various projects developed by the Salesian institution: day centres, independent apartments, youth shelters and the Somos Parte (We Belong) employment access program.

The Ángel Tomás foundation have expressed their gratitude for the donation, which will serve to update and expand the computer equipment used for projects and at the headquarters.

More than 500 minors receive support

This social foundation provides residential and socio-educational resources and employment access to the most vulnerable groups. The support is aimed particularly at socially excluded or at risk young people, but also at migrants, people with addictions, and prisoners or ex-prisoners who need help with social and employment integration.

FISAT currently supports more than 500 minors and people at risk of social exclusion. Promoting partnership and collaboration with companies and public and private entities is one of FISAT’s strategic objectives, as is a commitment to creating opportunities for the most in need to promote a fairer society. In this regard, the Salesian foundation applauds associations such as Aportem for prioritising CSR as the way to change the business model and produce entities that contribute towards a better world.

Origins of FISAT

Fundación Ángel Tomás was created on 4 September 2008 to continue the work started by Asociación Don Bosco Cooperación, an association promoting social projects in the Salesian Province of San José in Valencia. It currently coordinates social projects in the María Auxiliadora Province, in seven municipalities located in Murcia region, the Valencian Community and Aragon. FISAT has organised 22 social projects to manage these centres and has 288 volunteers and contributors, with 120 paid staff.

New support initiatives in the Maritime district

Aportem-Puerto Solidario Valencia has recently channelled supporter energy into a new, wide-reaching campaign to support marginalised groups.

In fact, the Aportem Action Commission has collected, purchased and delivered basis like T-shirts, tracksuits and trainers for 529 children in the Maritime District of Valencia. They are also due to provide complete sports kits for children from el Arca Association in the Nazaret neighbourhood. This intensive campaign complements the school material supplied at the beginning of the school year for a total of 666 children.

Solidarity Companies

A variety of firms have collaborated in various social responsibility initiatives through Aportem. To list a few examples of successful results, the Montoya school now has new protected basketball net bases, and the Stock Logistics company has delivered and installed computer equipment for the Brúfol foundation, especially targeted at integrating immigrant.