The company donated 24 containers for the stage design

On Christmas night the Los Llanos harbour in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife port once again provided the perfect setting for a magical Puertos de Tenerife Christmas concert, in which the containers donated by Boluda Corporación Marítima served as a stage for the official premiere of “The Legend of Gara and Jonay”, an event enjoyed by more than 20,000 people that was organized by the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Port Authority.

With 24 years of collaboration Boluda Corporación Marítima once again sponsored the traditional Puertos de Tenerife Christmas concert, held on 25 December, donating and transporting eight 45ft, eight 40ft and eight 20ft Boluda Lines containers to Los Llanos harbour to provide a spectacular stage. As well as sponsoring this event, Boluda Corporación Marítima has been involved in promoting this concert ever since its inception, under the then president of the Port Authority of Tenerife, Luis Suárez Trenor.

Composed by Emilio Coello and written by Benito Cabrera, the work was performed by Los Sabandeños, participating for the second time in the concert, and a large number of soloists and musicians who brought a choral symphony interpretation of the well-known pre-Hispanic legend to life in the Port of Tenerife.

The legend tells the tragic love story of Princess Gara from Gomera, and Jonay, the son of a Guanche from Tenerife who fell in love, but their parents forbade their relationship, as a fortune-teller predicted that their love would bring tragedy in the form of fire and lava. Despite this the lovers escaped and took refuge together. Realising they were surrounded, they sharpened a spear at both ends, placed it between them and joined in an embrace that would end their lives forever. Today, the forest where the legend occurred is known as Garajonay National Park.

Under the auspices of the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra (OST), directed again by maestro Víctor Pablo Pérez, the legend formed the centrepiece of a program that also included a selection of popular Tchaikovsky ballets: “Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker”, which started off the concert.

This 24th edition of the Puertos de Tenerife Christmas concert again showed solidarity by supporting the DISA Foundation, which as in previous years donated 20,000 euros, this year to the Centro Padre Laraña charity association in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, for the “Your smile is our greatest victory” project focused on team work, overcoming challenges and helping young people at risk.


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