Boluda Corporación Marítima has presented its memoire of sustainability in its clear compromise with the world pact he signed in June 2012.

The Company has separated in the document the actions rush during the last two exercises in its human recourses, social and environmental politics and revise the objectives reached in this period.

It stands out its initiatives in the reduction of the consumption of energy, water, emissions in the atmosphere and the improvement of the biodiversity, who is concreted in the obtaining of a plan of energetic efficiency and system of control of boats of more of 500 GT, who was the objective marked in the last report.

In the social area it keeps its own Project Humanitarian Transport dedicated to the transport for free of material of first need in country of the Third World or who suffer humanitarian crisis. Or the project Aportem, Puerto Solidario Valencia, which objective is to develop the Social corporative responsibility in the area of the port of Valencia and around.

About its objectives in human resources, the company emphasizes the day of training for its personnel in land as well as for its crews, in its main bet for the promotion and the conversation of talent. Also, it was put in action a plan of conciliation to coordinate the working and family life in its personnel.

Boluda Corporación Marítima has marked news goals for the next exercise in its clear vocation of Company socially responsible and committed.