Boluda America celebrates its annual meeting

The representatives of all the companies of Boluda met in the American continent.

Boluda America has celebrated in the city of Panama, between the last 14th to 17th December of the current month, the annual meeting of the responsible of the different companies of Boluda in the American continent, who congregated representatives of 10 different countries and were presided by Vicente and Ignacio Boluda. Continue reading

A new generation of Tugboats for Boluda Francia.

The “VB Ouragan” and its twin the “VB Cyclone”, arrived to the port of Saint Nazaire where its impressive silhouette made and impact.

The “VB Ouragan” and the “VB Cyclone” join at the beginning of 2016 the fleet of Boluda Francia, the first will give service in the port of Saint Nazaire and the second in Dunkerque. The boats have 30 meters long, 10 large, 5 of prop and a fixed pull of 70 tons. They have a power of 5300 HP and have powerful equipment’s Fi-Fi pour the fight against fire and the marine contamination. This new generation of tugboats are more comfortable for the crew and have a better capacity of maneuver and reaction. Continue reading

Boluda participates in the III charity diner of the logistic sector

Organized by the Propeller Valencia, the funds collected will be destinated to Aportem-Puerto Solidario Valencia.

Boluda Corporación Marítima has participated to the III charity diner of the logistic sector, organized by the Propeller Valencia and in benefit of Aportem-Puerto Solidario Valencia- whose objective is to improve the social responsibility in the port area of Valencia and set its actions giving support to schools of the Maritime district who need it more. Continue reading