The representatives of all the companies of Boluda met in the American continent.

Boluda America has celebrated in the city of Panama, between the last 14th to 17th December of the current month, the annual meeting of the responsible of the different companies of Boluda in the American continent, who congregated representatives of 10 different countries and were presided by Vicente and Ignacio Boluda.

During the meeting were analyzed different subjects of strategic and financial order as well as the coordination between the different companies who shape the reality of the presence of Boluda in America.

Regarding Joaquin Lozano, highest representative of Boluda in America, the days have been really positive and have served for a better knowledge of the current reality of each one of the market where the different companies are operating and shape the presence of Boluda in America.

As closing act, a Christmas dinner was offered to the assistants as well as the employees of the offices of Panama, several collaborators and friends living in the host country.

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