Boluda Towage and Salvage, the division for the port and ocean going towage, salvage and offshore operations of Boluda Corporacion maritima has incorporated a new unit to its fleet of tugboats of the ports of Spain, the VB Talisman.

The VB Talismán is a Voith tugboat o 32,5 metres long, 11,50 metres large, 5096 HP of power and a pull of fixed point of 55 tons.

Inside the main characteristiques of the VB Talisman, it stands out its level of convoy class, that allow the tugboats of this kind becoming the helms of the great vessels, like oil tankers and gas tankers,  when they reach to the ports of unload/upload, sail by rivers, etc. In those situations of navigation, the speed can be reduced to 12,10 o even 8 knots, that made the efficiency of the helm of the boats noticeably reduce. It’s when the tugboats are necessary with this charactéristics for the security and maneuverability of the boat escorted to be guarantee.

Others characteristics to emphasize is the level FiFi 1 and the Oil Recovery being the first that allow the fight against fires to others boats o port installations. The second is the capacity to fight against contamination with the possibility to move to the oil slick/focus of the contamination and be able to pump it and stock it in the tugboat for a later treatment on land. The capacity of stockage of the VB Talisman is of 106 tons.

The incorporation of VB Talisman is inside the policy of removal and modernization of the fleet where Boluda Towage and Salvage is absorbed, which supposed the optimisaion of the services given.