Boluda Lines, 10 years in Mauritania.

In August 2004 the boat Luz B tied up for the first time in the port of Nouadhibou.

The 14 of august 2004 the vessel Luz B made its entrance for the first time in the port of Nouadhibou. The bet of Boluda lines for West Africa was reinforced with the incorporation of Mauritania in its regular lines. Continue reading

Remolcadores de Boluda assist the boat New York Express in the port of Valencia

It’s the first time that a boat of this characteristics berth in the quay of Llovera.

The tugboats VB soñador, VB poder and VB conqueridor of the fleet of Boluda Towage and Salvage have assisted the maneuver of berth of the boat New York Express, of the company Hapad Lloyd, in the port of Valencia, in a complex maneuver that till this day have been only made in simulators.  Continue reading

Boluda Corporación Marítima colaborates with the foundation Naves de Esperanza (vessels of hope)

Its hospital vessel “África Mercy” has arrived to the port of Las Palmas with the altruistic contribution of Boluda.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Boluda Towage and Salvage, the division of port and offshore towage of Boluda Corporación Marítima, has given for free its assistance for the mooring and the cast off in the Port of Las Palmas of the hospital vessel “Africa Mercy”. Continue reading