In reference about the news regarding the suspension of the activity of the shipyards Unión Naval de Valencia, BOLUDA CORPORACIÓN MARÍTIMA informs that:

Due to the opening of the proceeding of the European Commission against the Spanish tax LEASE in June 2011, the Spanish shipyards don’t count with a legal channel that allow them to reach the market and get new orders of boats in the same conditions as the others European shipyards who have this system of tax LEASE and who are precisely the ones who condemn the Spanish system.

 The repeated negatives of the  Commissioner responsible for competition D. Joaquín Almunia, in admitting the alternatives for the new regime suggested by the Spanish State, rejecting the adaptation to the French system, he suggested himself, added to the fact that, after more than a year, since the beginning of the procedure, continue without confirming that the Spanish regime works under the protection of the legal trust and the legal security needed, cause devastating consequences for the naval activity in Spain

The case of Unión Naval Valencia is not exceptional; the shipyard has not been able to reach new contracts in these circumstances. That’s why the decision to put off the activity of the naval construction after the ending of the contracts in force has been taken.

Actually four tugs for the port of Anvers in an advance phase of built can be found and which completion is preview without incidences this autumn. The last 25 of May, the factory started the period of consultations with the representatives of the workers, with the objective to negotiate the organized suspension of the activity and reach an agreement with the 80 employees that compose the staff of Unión Naval Valencia. An important part of the affected will be able to access to the early retirement.

Regarding the installations of the factory in the port of Valencia, BOLUDA CORPORACIÓN MARÍTIMA preview to maintain the concession till the expiration, developing activities compatibles with the object of the concession