Boluda Maritime Terminal’s located in Fuerteventura has obtained certification in accordance with international environmental and quality standards (ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 ).

The company takes another step forward in its commitment to standardising its management system, ensuring optimum customer service in the management of goods, as well as minimising its environmental impact.

In this way, Boluda guarantees control in all its internal processes to ensure the quality of its services, customer satisfaction and the environment in which it operates. These services include port terminal management, stevedoring and unstowage tasks, as well as reception, custody, storage and delivery of containers.

Our commitment to certification involves the constant reduction of our impact on the environment, thus demonstrating our responsibility, focus on sustainability and care for our surroundings.

Boluda Maritime Terminals’ Fuerteventura is located in Puerto del Rosario and is one of the five platforms dedicated to the stevedoring of goods that Boluda Corporación Marítima owns in the Canary Islands archipelago. Its position is key as a connection point to the African continent given its proximity to the west coast of Africa.