Boluda, one of the global leaders in maritime towing services, has been distinguished with the Competitiveness Award granted by the Federico Esteve Spanish Maritime Cluster. In a ceremony held at the Royal Hall of the Casino of Madrid, Verónica Boluda Ceballos had the honor of receiving the prestigious Competitiveness Award on behalf of Boluda Corporación Marítima.

This recognition is granted by virtue of the group’s remarkable achievements in recent years, especially highlighting the towing services offered through the Boluda Towage division, which has consolidated its position as a world leader in the sector. The constant expansion and internationalization of the company allows it to provide services in 55 countries and 190 ports.

In addition, Boluda Shipping, the international transport and logistics division, has been fundamental in positioning the company as the main freight traffic operator in the peninsula-Canary Islands market. Boluda guarantees the continuity of supplies, freedom of movement and a fluid exchange.

Verónica Boluda Ceballos expressed her gratitude to the Spanish Maritime Cluster: “Thank you to the cluster for this recognition. We are proud to be pioneers in the sector in terms of ecological transition, innovation, governance, internationalization and competitiveness. Our capacity for adaptation and constant growth is a reflection of an exciting project, of which the more than 4,500 employees that make up Boluda are a part. We continually seek to offer a global service and at the same time be the best local offer for the client.”

Boluda reaffirms its commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, thanking its collaborators, clients and all its stakeholders for their support in this journey towards a more sustainable and competitive maritime future.