The launching of the RAmparts 2500-W series port tug VB AHMOSE, built in collaboration with Med Marine, took place at the Ereğli shipyard on October 30, 2023, marking another significant milestone in the partnership between Boluda and the company of Turkish origin.

The VB AHMOSE, as it has been renamed, stands out for its impressive pulling capacity of 75 tonnes and its versatility for a variety of key functions such as towing, pushing, mooring and fire operations. With a length of 25.20 meters, a beam of 12 meters and a depth of 4.60 meters, this port tug represents an outstanding example of the technical excellence and continuous commitment to innovation that characterizes Boluda.

This milestone underscores Boluda’s ability to deliver cutting-edge maritime solutions and its focus on strengthening strategic partnerships for mutual benefit and sustainable progress in the maritime industry. Med Marine expressed its satisfaction with the recent launch of the VB AHMOSE. The company is pleased with the renewed confidence of Boluda Towage, as in April last year they delivered another of the tugs in our fleet, the VB MAGNUM. This long-term relationship underscores the commitment of both parties to provide high-quality maritime solutions to all our clients.

Med Marine, a leading Turkish shipyard and tugboat operator, employs the Ereğli shipyard in Turkey with an area of approximately 180,000 square meters. The shipyard excels in the construction of state-of-the-art tugs, workboats, offshore vessels and coated stainless steel type II chemical/oil tankers (STST), both for its own operations and for clients worldwide.