The European Tug Owners’ Association (ETA) is celebrating its 60th anniversary in collaboration with Boluda Towage, the event’s host. The Annual Assembly, which took place from 13-16 June in Benidorm, Alicante, recognized the leadership of Vicente Boluda Ceballos, President of the ETA and Vice President of Boluda Towage, during his last two years of governance of the Association. This event represents a significant milestone highlighting ETA’s six decades of commitment to being the representative voice of the European maritime tug industry.

Founded in 1963, the ETA has played a pivotal role in shaping the maritime industry. During the 60th Annual Assembly, members from 26 European countries reflected through seminars, conferences, and meetings on achievements and opportunities for the next chapter of growth and sustainability.

This latest edition highlighted the fundamental role of the people committed daily to making the maritime sector safer, more efficient, and more respectful. Guided by the theme “People, our industry’s most valuable resource”, speakers, and attendees discussed current human resources issues in the shipping industry.

Leading speakers from the industry attended the Assembly. Among them, Kathy Speelman (Antwerp Maritime Academy) highlighted the importance of increasing the attractiveness of maritime careers to address labor shortages. And Alicia Montañés (Wista Spain) did not hesitate to mention the opportunities for the sector to attract, employ and retain more women, as well as to adapt maritime careers to their needs in terms of safety, health, and skills.

Vicente Boluda Ceballos, Vice President of Boluda Towage and President of the European Tug Owners’ Association, led the ETA’s efforts over the last two years to decarbonize the towing industry and promote the adoption of new technologies. “This is a key moment for the maritime industry which is at the center of crucial issues for society and the economy, such as the climate emergency and geopolitical tensions. It is therefore important that more than ever, we work collectively to address these challenges so that we can forge a sustainable and secure future for the towing industry. Our goal is to achieve climate neutrality and promote the adoption of innovative technologies. We are building the world of tomorrow, where international trade, safety, and the environment must converge. “

Vicente Boluda Ceballos also ends his term as President of the Association with a deep sense of gratitude and an enthusiastic outlook on the future of the ETA. He warmly welcomes the new President, Alberto Dellepiane, who will guide and set the guidelines and needs of the organization’s near future. Both Boluda Towage and the ETA reaffirm their joint commitment to a sustainable future and continue to work tirelessly to serve the needs of the industry and its employees by promoting an expanding maritime sector with high growth expectations.

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