Boluda France, together with the Autonomous Port of Nouakchott, have formed the Society of Maritime Services of Nouakchott (SSMN).

 The CEO of Boluda Towage, Antonio Bordils, attends the presentation ceremony and announces that the new towing, mooring and pilotage services will begin operation on November 1st.

Valencia, October 1, 2021

Boluda Towage, through its subsidiary Boluda Towage France, has formed with the Autonomous Port of Nouakchott Port de l’Amitié (PANPA) the Society of Maritime Services of Nouakchott (SSMN).  A business entity that will provide, as of November 1, towing, mooring and pilotage services in this port.

This new activity in Mauritania will complement the service that Boluda Towage France has been offering since 2017 at the mining dock of the National Industrial and Mining Corporation(SNIM).

On September 29th, the launching ceremony of the new entity took place in the port of Nouakchott, attended by the CEO of Boluda Towage, Antonio Bordils, and the CEO of Boluda France, Denis Monserand, on behalf of the Company. The Mauritanian authorities were represented by the Ministers of Transport, Fisheries and Trade, as well as the French Ambassador to Mauritania, Robert Moulié.

The CEO of Boluda Towage highlighted in his speech that Boluda Towage, the second largest port towage services company in the world, with more than 325 tugboats operating in 95 ports around the world in more than 30 countries on three continents, “is really proud and satisfied to be able to be in Nouakchott to serve this port that is in constant development”.

The Society of Maritime Services of Nouakchott is born with the vocation to establish “the services of towing, mooring and pilotage at the highest international standards. Our desire,” Bordils said, “is to make the port of Nouakchott a benchmark in terms of quality of service, safety, training, performance and competitiveness”.

The creation of SSMN, by investing heavily in nautical equipment, training and management systems, is proof of the commitment of the Boluda family to the port of Nouakchott and Mauritania.

For Boluda, the Boluda Towage fleet, made up of the tugs VB JAMSAH with a power of more than 5,000 hp, OUALATA 1, CHINGUITTY and TERGIT, as well as a pilot boat “is our calling card to support and accompany the port of Nouakchott in its development”.

This family business, with more than 150 years of history and five generations, thanked the efforts made by the Government of Mauritania and PANPA in all these transformation and port extension projects, as well as the trust placed in Boluda to support them in this progress.


Eighteen years of relations with Mauritania

In his speech, the Boluda Towage representative also alluded to the close ties of Boluda Maritime Corporation and the Boluda family with Mauritania and its capital, recalling that in 2003 the company’s shipping division, Boluda Lines, called for the first time in Nouakchott. “In this port and in this country we are at home,” he added.

Before those attending the event, it was highlighted that Boluda Lines has, for 18 years, supported the development of the Port of Nouakchott and experienced the transformation of this port, which today is a benchmark in the region. Boluda Lines, with more than 16 container ships, connects the Iberian Peninsula with the Canary Islands, Morocco, Senegal, Cape Verde and Mauritania. Regular freight services connect Nouakchott and Nouadhibou with Las Palmas and from there, throughout Europe. “The importance of having a regular, reliable and safe service is our priority,” concluded the CEO of Boluda Towage.


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