The interior of BRANDY tugboat, moored in Las Palmas, was adapted to a spaceship cockpit setting in The Prado & The Moon

Boluda Towage Spain, the Spanish subsidiary of Boluda Towage, Boluda Corporación Marítima’s towing division, has collaborated with Muak Canarias, film producer of The Prado & The Moon, by loaning the BRANDY tugboat, moored in Las Palmas, to finish filming the last scenes.

During the film shoot the bridge of the BRANDY tugboat was transformed into the inside of a spaceship heading to the moon. Against this is backdrop the Gran Canarian director Cayetana H. Cuyás paid tribute to her uncle Antonio Cuyás, outstanding fashion designer who worked with prominent firms, among which he was notably lead men’s fashion designer for the couturier Valentino.

This feature length docudrama is a journey back through the Cuyás family memories to reveal the surprising life and work of their uncle Antonio (1946-1991), who from a young age was distinguished in the Italian fashion industry, working for international firms such as Elettra, Bobos, Aida Moretti, Cacao Sport, Malboro, Kentelle, GTG, Silvestre and Caradelle Pelle.

Antonio Cuyás was an outstanding figure in the world of culture during the 80s and 90s. His influence in the international fashion industry reached its peak in 1991, when he was preparing his return to Spain to start a solo career with his new firm Antonio Gómez. Unfortunately, the Canarian designer died of AIDS on April 29, 1991.

The film The Prado & The Moon is an adaptation of an unfinished script that Antonio worked on with Italian writer Gabrielle D´annunzio in 1991. The script had only four pages, discovered by Cayetana and her mother, together with a letter from her grandmother Margot, unknown if sent to the recipient.

The documentary part of the film was shot in Milan, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Lanzarote, La Palma and Gran Canaria. This latter island was the location for the fictional part of the film, shot at the Colón museum, Santa Catalina hotel, Mata castle, the Insular stadium, the Dr. Wattson music studio, Las Coloradas mountains and the Santa Catalina Pier, where the team filmed inside the BRANDY tugboat from the Boluda Towage Spain fleet.