Boluda Corporación Marítima’s Legal Department Manager speaks at conference on “Women leaders in transport promoting equality”

Manager of Boluda Corporación Marítima´s legal department Pepa Cermeño participated in Madrid in the conference “Women leaders in transport promoting equality”, where she explained the added value of the company – gender equality and work-life balance – and also revealed her phrase to define the spirit of equality learnt from her experience: “Talent has no gender.”

At the conference, organized by the Madrid Bar Association, and joined by nine managers from various entities, Cermeño explained that the Corporation does not have a specific equality plan, but instead employs measures to help promote it. As she put it, “Gender equality is a principle and value integrated into all the group’s companies, which is followed at all times, with no room for discrimination based on sex in any case.”

The manager of the Boluda Corporación Marítima legal department indicated that although the maritime sector is a notably masculine arena, she has never felt discriminated against for being a woman, either in personal treatment or reflected in her salary, and feels “very supported by her colleagues”.

Pepa Cermeño reported that 9.1% of the workforce in the Group are women, far from the threshold of real and effective equality, although this owes to the fact that to the largest percentage of the staff employed are crew and operating personnel, areas that don’t hold as much interest for women as yet; she also informed the audience that earlier on the company had appointed a female managing director.

During her speech, she pointed to Boluda Corporación Marítima as a centennial company with a constant commitment to excellence in service, social and environmental responsibility, fleet innovation, optimizing resources and implementing measures and practices to minimize environmental impact.

The manager of Boluda’s legal department ended her talk with an inspirational message: “We should not let anyone set limits for us. New generations must be encouraged to choose their studies based on their abilities and their true goals rather than what is expected of them, because with hard work and effort we can achieve them.”

Link to the conference “Women leaders in transport promoting equality”