Vicente Boluda underlines the fact that countries promoting research, science and entrepreneurship “will have greater levels of well-being, employment and wealth”

The King and Queen of Spain presided over the 28th Rey Jaime I Awards ceremony

During the Rey Jaime I Awards ceremony presided over by the Spanish royal family, the president of the Valencia Foundation for Advanced Studies and vice-president of the Rey Jaime I Awards Foundation, Vicente Boluda, emphasized in his speech that “countries that provide, support and promote research, science and entrepreneurship will have greater levels of well-being, employment and wealth”. Continue reading

“Maritime transport is responsible for 90% of world trade and without it half the population would die of hunger and the other half of cold”

Boluda Lines CEO Gorka Carrillo gives a talk in EDEM on “The ABC of Internationalization”

“Maritime transport is vital for the economy, and it is responsible for transporting 90% of world trade, which provides the fuel, food and raw materials essential to modern life,” said Gorka Carrillo, CEO of Boluda Lines, Boluda Corporación Marítima’s division for comprehensive international freight transport and management services. Continue reading

Boluda Lines receives Business Leadership Award 2016

The Business Leadership Award, organized annually by the magazine Gaceta 3 in Valencia, has been awarded to Boluda Corporación Marítima’s transport division Boluda Lines, in recognition of the optimal connection the shipping company provides between the peninsula and the Canary Islands. Vice-president of Boluda Corporación Marítima Ignacio Boluda collected the award from the president of the Valencia port authority Aurelio Martínez, at an event held at the Las Arenas hotel on 10 November. Continue reading