Boluda Towage and Salvage, the port and offshore towage and maritime salvage of Boluda Corporacion Maritima, has incorporated to its fleet a new boat, the VB Hispania, tugboat who will give offshore services and who is capable to offer assistance to vessels of great sizes.

It stands out in the VB Hispania, its great power thanks to the two engines it has who develop 8046 HP, with a fix pull of 103 tons. It has a length of 48,8 M, a beam of 13,80 and a draft of 7,00 m.

The technical and operative characteristics of this tugboat make it really versatile as it is built to attend several functions, where it can be underline the transoceanic towage of great mechanism, towage of vessels of great sizes, the support or rescue of boats with problems, the fight against fire and marine pollution and the rescue of shipwrecks.

Inside its many services, the new boat has an external service against fire. It incorporates two sprinkler bombs with a total capacity of 3000 m3/h, with a system of spray who allow to create a water curtain to protect the superstructure and the deck of the boat, enabling then a bigger approach to the zone of sinister.