It allows to reduce considerably the consumption of the combustible and the emission of CO2.

Valencia.- Boluda Corporación Marítima has incorporated in its fleet the boat of recent construction VB La Graciosa, watercraft made in fiberglass by infusion. This technique is the most progressive for the production of this kind of embarcations in fiberglass allowing to reduce the weight, a better control of the lamination and to keep the mechanical design properties of the lamination.

The VB La Graciosa, is an embarcation of support and supply to platform of 22 metres long, 7 large and a total arch bruto aproximativaly of 80 TRB, having two lines of axis with two rudders of high efficiency and two propellers of maneuvers, that give it an excellent position and maneuver.

In  comparison with the rest of possibilities of production like steel, aluminum and hand lamination, the revolucionary system of production by infusion allow to reduce the weight maintening the structural resistance of the boat and that suppose a sensitive reduction of consumption of combustible and the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere. This project is part of the objectives of environment marked by the corporation in its programme of Social Corporative Responsibility.

From the bridge the skipper has in every moment control of the consumption of the two engines, that allow to adapt imediately to the service/crossing.

VB La Graciosa can embark a máximum of 6 crew member in two single cabines and two doubles. The passengers área, cabines an desk is equipted with air conditionning, has a capacity for 12 passengers seated in reclining seats. In the deck of 65 m2, it has systems of fastening for main charge that can be distribuited regarding the needs, also it can transport containers ISO of 10 and 20 feet.

The watercraft si equipt with all the technical and security advances, as well as with a crane that can manipulate easily the charge in an autonomous way, also has deposits of combustible that allow it an autonomy of 480 miles in cruising speed.


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