The Company operates in the Port of Dakar since 1947. 

Dakar.- Unión de Remolcadores de Dakar, the senegalese filial of Boluda Corporación Marítima, has incorporated to its fleet a new tugboat, VB Gorée.

The VB Gorée is a doble Voith tugboat , of 31 metres long, 2900 HP of power and 35 HP of pull in fixed point, with a value of 5 millions of .d who come to strengthen the fleet Boluda Corporacion Maritima let to the Autonomous port of Dakar.

Acorrding to Antonio Bordils, chef executive of Boluda Towage and Salvage, “The adquisition of this tugboat is a demonstration of the wager Boluda Corporation Maritima does to go with the State of Senegal in its politic of modernization of port infrastructures and to make the port a competitive space able to offer to the users a service of quality”.

Bordils also told that “Boluda, inside the fleet plan, incorporates next year to the fleet Union de Remolcadores de Dakar, (URD), a tugboat of last generation with a power of 60 tons, who suppose an inversion of 9 million euros”.

The ceremonia was presided by Cheikh Canté, general manager of Autonomous Port of Dakar, who express his satisfaction to see how Boluda participated in the project “Senegal Emergent” and underline the prominent role that the activity of towage suppose for the competitivity of a port like Dakar.

Her excellency Señora Cristina Diaz, Ambassador of Spain in Dakar, wanted also to be present during this important event for the project of developpement of the port.

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