The new product joins the catalogue of Bodegas Fos, property of the shipowner Vicente Boluda.

Vicente Boluda has presented in a crowded event his new Virgen Extra Gourmet Olive Oil Fos, that joins at the catalogue of the products of Bodegas Fos of which the shipowner is property since 10 years ago. The promotion in society of the new product has count with the presence of representatives of The Cuisine, means of communication and valencian society, who wanted to share the launch of a product as recognized in our cuisine as the Virgin Extra Olive Oil.

The Oil Fos is a Virgin extra oil obteined of olives of the variety of Serrana from Alto Palancia (Castellon), where the cultivation of the Olive Tree came since several centuries.

For its elaboration, the fruits have been firmly selected in their optimum point of maturation. They are collected by mechanical and handmade ways and it is obtained by extraction in cold. The result is a product o high quality obtained from the fruit of the olive trees cultivated in agreement of the tradicional works and elaborated with modern techniques, who put it at the avant-garde of the current cuisine.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fos is presented in two formats of bottle with a capacity of 250 ml and 500 ml, with a careful labelled, who gives detailed information of the characteristics of the product, that ease its use. These bottles allow a correct use, being ideal for the restauration and for any kind of cuisine who want to distinguish and highlight its aliments.

During the presentation of the Oil Fos, Boluda explained that this Project is born fruit of a personal illusion, as watching himself surrounded by the olive trees of the Alto Palancia, where the shipowner has a strongsupport. Por the creation of the Oil Fos, Boluda has count with the collaboration of Miguel Abad, one of the most prestigious elaiologos in the Oil world.

The guests at the representation where given as a present a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Fos.  

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