Inside the activities of the anniversary open houses were organised to know the life on board.

On the occasion of the celebration of the 150 anniversary of the towage activity in the Port of Le Havre, Boluda France has celebrated an exhibition that have took the evolution of the boats used from 1864 to present times.

As well the company gave to the people from Le Havre the possibility to discover the inside of the boat with open houses. Know live its funccioning and the life inside has allowed to understand better the purpose of its work and discover the daily life. The proper members of the crew acted as guides in visits of 30 minutes time. This activity was a complete success, that show the passion the unhabitants of Le Havre feel for everything belonging to their port.

Since the times of the wing sailing, where the assistance of the tug was made by men rowing, the appearance of the propeller, the changing from steam to diesel to the actual giantics container vessels, the strength of the pull and the evolution of these little and powerful boats has been incredible. Strongly linked to the citizens of Le Havre, the tugboats were called bees, from its non stop dance from the entrance of the port to the roads.

The exhibition hightlights on the work of the towage and the persons who practice it, where professionality, rigour and team spirit are the indispensable characterictics for those who do this profession. Knowing its particular slang : pull the hook, tolon… has allowed to get closer to these professionals and its rigourous activity. That has permited the impressive developpement of the port of Le Havre.

Boluda has today in the Port of Le Havre 8 tugboats who goes from the 3530 to the 5290 CV. The delegation of Le Havre has 150 employees who assure more than 10 000 manovers a year, inside its port and the Anfier one.

 “Since 150 years we give to ours shipowners and consignee customers the services of towages of boats, of maritime security and assistance. This anniversary, for whom we have chosen to celebrate this exhibition to the public, give us the occasion to discovr our work and get closer to the people from Le havre, who have shown a particular link with our tugboats,” told Laurent Manager. Responsible of Operation in Boluda Le Havre.


Exposición Le Havre