The barge was previously assisted in Dominican Republic for its loading in the semi waterproof Swan.

Cristóbal (Panama) – Tugboats of Boluda in Panama have realised the second manoeuvre with the generative barge o energy Estrella del Mar

The barge seit sail on board of the semi waterproof Swan ,which loading was realised in Santo Domingo ( Dominican Republic) by tugboats of Boluda in this country and arrived to the Port of Cristobal, in Panama, where the tugboats VB Terrier as the leading Tugboat, VB California as escort and rudder at sterm and  VB Gamboa  helping to orient the boat Swan, assited the manoeuvre of unloading and following towage of the barge Estrella del Mar.

The complex and long operation was done with a great success and the barge Estrella del Mar was happily tied up in the dock 6 of the port of Cristobal in Panama.

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