The shipping division, Boluda Lines, great specialist in the transport of perishable products.

Vigo – Boluda Lines, shipping division of Boluda Corporacion Maritima, has been present, once year more and since 10 consecutives ones in the Fair Conxema, the most important meeting in the area of the productos of the sea and frozen ones.

The high specialization of Boluda lines in the transport of perishable products has allowed it to close the faire with an important presence of visitors who have materialized importants agreements for the transport of the fish from the occidental coast of Africa to the Peninsula.

Also Boluda Lines has increased and optimized the features of its terminal of Vilagarcia who has during the exercice of 2013 a movement of 1200 reefers of 40´. This considerable increase of the traffic has been possible thanks to the optimization of the infrastructure of the terminal, with its 2 portainers cranes who have supposed an investment of more than 1 million of euros, and who can be amplified to a total of 4 in the next future. Also it’s preview the construction of an industrial unit for the repair of the containers and for the consolidates.

The terminal of Vilagarcia is a strategic place for Boluda and its traffics with Bilbao, Lisbonn, and Canary Islands. With a surface close to 30 000 m2 and to lines of berth, it has experimented an extraordinary increase in its traffics. The next arrival of the tren to the inside of the terminal will ease the movement of the containers and add agility to the processes.

Boluda Lines offers also a service of forwarding who allow itself to situate any kind of merchandise in any place. Its 60 offices distributed all over the world and its high specialization guarantee a high quality service.

Boluda Lines, thanks to its high specialization in this kind of transport, offers optimum transit times, who guarantee the requirements of the perishable area. Also it offers services door to door that includes land transport origen-destination, operatives, maritimes inssurances, connections in boarding ports, customs and any other kind of complementary service who could me asked by the chargers.

Stand Conxemar 2014