Transfers an helicopter of the National police from the península to Dakar.

Dakar – Boluda Lines, the división of transport from Boluda Corporacion Maritima, has realised the transport of and helicopter from Seville to Dakar.

The vessel OXL Lotus transferred and helicopter of the national police who was charged in the port of Seville with destination to the port of Dakar. The aircraft will make works of control, regardins the international agreements between Spain and Senegal.

Boardings of this kind are usual and produced regularly, as the equipment that are embarked in Dakar and put in Seville  for their maintenance and rotation are interchanged.

This kind of transport need a refine technique in the operation of load and unload, then they are elements of big dimensions, of irregular proportions who must be manipulated very carefully.

This división has a high degree of specialisation in this kind of charges and has made the transport of elements as cranes, eolian spade, material for the army, great vehicles for public works etc..and makes also any kind of containerized charged, dry as well as frozen.

Boluda lines explotes 11 commercial lines that connect the iberian península, italy, canary Islands, west cost of africa and cape verde.