It presented the specialization of its four maritime terminals of project cargo.

Anvers (Belgium) – Boluda Corporación Marítima was present, once year more, in the trade faire Breakbulk that takes place in the Belgium city of Anvers during the month of may. Breakbulk is, together with the trade fair of Houston, the most important in the world regarding the participation of companies dedicates to the project cargo.

Fernando Caracciolo, managerof International lines of Boluda Lines, presented the new prestations of its new terminals situated in Las Palmasa, Seville, Villagarcia de Arousa and Fuerteventura, that have increase theirs prestations for the attention of any kind of boat and the operation of project cargo, machinery and equipment of any kind, no matter the volume and measures, or pieces who need a specific logistic.

These services given by its four terminals, are linked with the differents divisions of the corporation, with the 11 commercial lines offered by Boluda lines, the shipping division, the services of port and ocean going towage by Boluda Towage and Salvage or the transport and bunker supply by Boluda Tankers.

Breakbulk excedes this year his success of participation of expositors between shipping companies, terminals and intermodal logistics companies, and its professionalism in the technical days offered, that has allowed Boluda Corporacion Maritime present its high skill for the manipulation of charges who need a special atention and its offer in complementary services.