It’s one of the most important logistic forums in the world.

Valencia – Boluda Fos Corporación, the division for America of Boluda Corporación Marítima, and its subsidiary company Naviera del Mercosur, will be with their own stand, the A-280, in the Intermodal South America Fair, that will be celebrated in Sao Paolo (Brazil) from 1 to 3 of April.

During the event Boluda Fos Corporación and Naviera del Mercosur will present the consolidation of its line in the Hydroway Paraná-Paraguay, and the incorporation of the Boat Asunción B to its fleet that will strengthen this fluvial line, so thanks to its special characteristics of draught, it can navigate all year despite the low tides. With this vessel, 4 are the embarkations who will cover the Hydroway with a total capacity of 500 teus. The Hydroway Paraná-Paraguay is essential in the traffic of goods of the south cone and it’s one of  the most important fluvial road of the world.

The appointment is in the Transamerica Expo Center of Sao Paulo and it’s organized by United Business Media Limited(UNM). It will group the presence of more than 600 exhibitors companys from more than 50 countries and several conferences will be celebrated, where the main novelties of the transport area and logistic will be presented.

Intermodal 2014