After a year of joint collaboration the agency contract is expanded and reinforced.


Boluda Ships Agency & Forwarding, division of Boluda Corporación Maritima dedicated in providing consignee, transitarian, maritime agency, customs services, logistic distribution and storage, keeps on growing faithfull to its wager for internationalization with the expand of the exclusive agency contract with Tidewater, offshore services lead supplier for the energetic industry.

Boluda Ships Agency & Forwarding has provided to Tidewater services so divers as the integral logistic of replacement: storage, transport, dispatch, freight insurance; as well as changing of crews, visas, machinery renting and repairs on board, services of inspection and survey, supply of provisions, fishing tackles and combustibles, till real-estate services, subcontratation of personal and various professionals.

After this first year of alliance, the rank of services provided is increased and reinforced as Tidewader has secured the frequency of its visits to Las Palmas, establishing in the island the center of attention of the operating fleet of the African coast.

Tidewater Marine is lead ship-owner of big services offshore vessels for the world energetic industry. With more than 300 boats, Tidewater operates internationally more than 90% of its fleet. Its services are developed in more than 60 countries, making equipments and provisions transports, as well as towage and anchorage of mobile platforms and equipments of perforation, to the transports of provisions, and the personal necessary to maintain the perforation, the investigation, and the reparation of wells and the activities of production.

Boluda Ships Agency & Forwarding is consolidated as a company of global maritimes services with a clear vocation of internationalization. Its bet for the excellent determinates it to create strong links of collaboration with its customers that boost alliances in a long term.