With the attendance of Vicente Boluda Fos and Vicente Boluda Ceballos, the responsibles of the countries of the American continent where there is establishment got together.


Boluda Fos Corporación has celebrated his Anual Assembly of managers during the last 29th and 30th of January in the city of Panama.  

The working days were leaded by Vicente Boluda Fos, President de Boluda Fos Corporación who was accompanied by Vicente Boluda Ceballos.

Companies of Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Spain and Venezuela, whose responsibles and managers analized the main matters that concern each market where they operate have participate in the annual encounter. Also, the concrete themes that concern in an equal way all the companies no matter their geographical place have been developed in a monographic way

Along the time  that lasted the two working days, moderated and coordinated by the Vicepresident  and Managing Director of Boluda Fos Corporación, Joaquin Lozano, several talks who were in charge of the following gentlemen:  Antonio Diosdado, Raúl Tellez, Gabriel Mas, Antonio Goicoechea, José Lacout, Jorge Magnano, Gustavo de la Sota, Vicente Diosdado, Gerardo Nieto, Agustín Bedoya and José Luis González were developed.

The conclusions of this meeting has been qualified really positively by all the participants, expressing Vicente Boluda Fos in relation with these working days: “I am really satisfied  by the management carried out in America  and the evolution experimented by our business in this continent”.

Reunión Boluda Fos